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Romeo Boşneagu, (Captain Navy retired), director of Oceanografica Ltd., 64 years old, naval engineer, MSc. in naval engineering and PhD in geography at University of Bucharest, 2004. He is currently Assistant Professor at Tomis University Constanta and Associate Professor at Naval Academy of Constanta. He has a long career as higher education lecturer, more than 22 years. He was active in the Romanian Navy and chief of the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate, between 2007-2010.

His personal experience in the research is consists of studies in geography, climatology, hydrography and oceanography.

Scientific research:

1.1995-2004: 6 individual scientific research projects

2.2006-2007: Senior researcher in the DHM team in the project „Scientific platform and technological transfer in the field of operational oceanography, vector to increase security in the western part of the Black Sea” INFOSOC CEEX Programme, no. 98/01.08.2006

3. 2007-2010: Project manager in the project „Global and regional geo -climatic changes influence on sustainable development in Dobrogea” – GLOBE, Priority Partnerships Programme,  CNMP no. 31-057 / 2007

4.2008-2011: Scientific responsible DHM partner in the project System for detection, classification and identification of factors that generate local underwater security hazards – SECRIS, Priority Partnerships Programme, CNMP no. 82 -101/2008

5.2009-2011: Project Director in the project  Strengthening administrative capacity and research and development management activities of the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate by purchasing IT equipment and software – HIDRODATANET, POS CCE Programme, Priority Axis 2 Increase of economic competitiveness through Research – Development and Innovation, Investments in RDI infrastructure and development administrative capacity

6. 2015-2017: Sistem pentru detectie, localizare, urmarire si identificare a factorilor de risc la adresa obiectivelor de importanta strategica din zone de litoral–SIROLC, PCCA 2013, nr. 302/2014,

7. 2016-2017: MARSPLAN-BS – Cross-Border Maritime Spatial Plan for the Black Sea Romania-Bulgaria”,

8. 2017–2019: Implementarea unui instrument de investigare geofizică și monitoring a securității spațiului maritim român – MAR-S,


Oceanografica Ltd. registered office is in Agigea Ciocarliei Street, no. 12, Constanta.
  • Tel: +40341427503
  • Fax: +40341427503
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